Welcome ... My name is

Clair Hill, Celebrant and all things about love 

Heartfelt ceremonies for those major milestones and celebrations in life!

I am a celebrant specialist based in the lovely Papamoa Beach. I have loads of inspiration, life experience and laughter

to help craft your bespoke ceremony for your significant milestone event.

I would love to be a part of your celebration and would be honoured to tell your story on the day.


All my ceremonies are personalised, handcrafted and delivered in a meaningful and heartfelt way,

with just a dash of my humour!

Feel free to click on the button below to learn more about the services I can offer.

Or if you would like to know more about marriage ceremonies, scroll down a little further to get some insight into how things come together on the celebrant side.

If you're planning on getting married ... have a wee read below to give you a little insight into how your ceremony comes together!

First of all, let's meet and greet

We will grab a coffee and have a face-to-face chat to get to know one another a little better to establish whether I am the right celebrant for you.

This is a no-obligation opportunity to get some ideas from you about what your vision is,

for your special celebration.

Should you wish to proceed, I would ask that you complete my booking form/service agreement and pay a deposit to secure my services. 

Once the contract is signed and deposit paid, we then will look to organise another meeting about 3 months out from your ceremony, to work through your vision and start to draft up your ceremony. This is the real fun stuff!

Then we'll have

our first official planning meeting

Let's paint a picture of your big day

This is your second meeting with me.

I’m a firm believer that your ceremony is the most important part of the day. It is after all, about the promises you are about to make to one another. 

It is also about telling your story which will reflect your personalities, values and vision.

Your ceremony should be interactive, interesting, enjoyable and memorable for both you and your guests. I will give you some homework in the form of a personal questionnaire to take away and allow you time to think about your answers.

The answers from the questionnaire will allow me to gain some more insight about the two of you.

I will also run you through all of the legal requirements of getting married in New Zealand and what you need to do at your end.

I will supply you with an online link to my Inspiration Resource Kit which has really helpful information and loads of ideas both modern and traditional to help you with planning, and ideas for your ceremony.

I will start to craft your ceremony

I will write your bespoke ceremony from a blank canvas so that your ceremony is completely unique.

I use a tailored questionnaire to capture all of

the detail, and answers I will need to start

writing your ceremony.

Your guests will see for themselves on the day, that your ceremony has been co-created with the both of you, as your ceremony unfolds.

I always ensure that you have the final sign-off of your ceremony, to ensure you are absolutely

100% happy with it.

Then we'll have your wedding rehearsal

Don't underestimate the psychological value of the rehearsal!

This is your third meeting with me before the big day.

There are lots of reasons why I recommend a rehearsal, aside from the fact that this is your opportunity to rehearse your big day.

The rehearsal is held to ensure that there will be no BIG surprises

for you on the day.
Rehearsals will help us decide where the best location is for the ceremony (especially if you are outside and it is really hot or windy), how the choreography will work (hand over, vows, rings, signing the paperwork, rituals etc), seating, readings, music to name a few.
It is always a good idea to get your entire bridal party, parents, readers

and anyone that may have something to do with the ceremony there for the rehearsal, That way, everyone is relaxed and knows what they will be doing on the day. From this rehearsal I produce a pretty comprehensive run sheet that I share with your photographer, venue operators

and your bridal party.

I would really recommend inviting your photographer along they know how the ceremony will run and can be in position at the right time to

take those perfect shots for you.

If it is choreographed well at the rehearsal, it will look

lovely and natural on the day!

The BIG Day

This is your fourth and last meeting.

Everything is now organised and all your hard work has paid off.

You can now relax and enjoy your day, as I have everything for your ceremony in hand, and you have rehearsed, so you've got this!

I promise I will put you at ease so you can enjoy the most important part of the day, and more importantly, you will remember it. 

I am always at the venue at least 60 minutes prior to the ceremony starting, and always in appropriate attire to complement the bridal party, and not stick out like a peacock.

On arrival I check in with the groom, and your families, readers, photographer, venue coordinator etc, and ensure that everything

is set up and in place.

Remember, I am truly fortunate to be trusted with sharing your

ceremony, so I promise you that with my calm presence, I will deliver it in a way that reflects the meaning, warmth and

humour of your life together.

AND just so you know …

I will make sure I leave your copy of the Particulars of Marriage, and your keepsake ceremony copy with someone special you have chosen to keep safe. I take care of the Registrar’s copy by emailing it to them immediately that day, to absolutely make sure you are married.


I really do recommend pre-ordering your marriage certificate when you order your marriage licence, especially if you are changing your name.

It just takes the hassle out of this later and will ensure you have

proof or evidence of marriage.


AND lastly, I will try to sneak in a picture with you both before

I leave you to party the night away.

"You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person, and your life is changed. Forever."

Jamie, Love and Other Drugs

Clair Hill


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